Released: November 24, 2023

Midlife No. 2 is the second and final anthology of works from 27 former members of the Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta. This time you’ll find a strong focus on housing and homes, plus new works on themes of race, identity, COVID, and many journeys in between.

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$1 from every copy goes to the Edmonton Community Foundation’s Edmonton Refugee and Emerging Communities Awards

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Todd Babiak
Award-winning storyteller
and CEO of Brand Tasmania

For me, the Gateway was a place to try things, to make terrible mistakes and lifelong friends, and I did not want my time at the newspaper—or at our university—to end. I felt similarly reading this sad, funny, wise, and beautiful book about people who seemed a lot like me, only smarter and better. Nostalgia! Pride! I did not want Midlife to end.

prasanna Ranganathan
Diversity and inclusion advisor, documentary producer, author and correspondent

The collection of essays in Midlife No. 2 emerge from the writers’ deep personal experiences, taking the reader on a powerful journey of what it means to be and become more of who we are. Through their stories, we feel a palpable, profound sense of connection and community. Because they shared, we feel less alone. Organized thematically and artistically like movements in a symphony, Midlife No. 2 reminds of us the indomitable power of the human spirit and the gentle notes of love, loss, longing, laughter and light that permeate our lives if only we get still enough to listen.

Award winning TV and radio journalist, author, and passionate Edmontonian

Midlife No. 2 delves into the hilarious, poignant, and often tumultuous journey of navigating middle age, particularly during the challenging times of COVID. The stories of realizing dreams and the realization that some dreams might not be what we truly want are brilliantly woven into the chapters, leaving readers with profound introspection.

In a world where the pressure to have it all figured out by midlife is ever-present, Midlife No. 2 offers a refreshing perspective: it’s okay not to have it all together. Instead, it’s about discovering who we are, embracing our vulnerabilities, and finding the strength to keep moving forward.

Midlife No. 2 will comfort, provide inspiration, a few tears, and some great belly laughs! Enjoy!

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