What’s in Midlife?

Find out just who and what is in this book.



Cover illustration by Raymond Biesinger

Introduction   Sarah Chan 
Introduction   Jhenifer Pabillano


Delve into the truths we have come to accept about ourselves (at least for now).

2021 Midlife Census: Growth
Views from the Basement   Jag Dhadli
Me and Bridget Jones   Erika Thorkelson
William in Mask in Tree   Jimmy Jeong
Dave’s Single   Dave Alexander
Top 10 Signs You’re Dating In Your 40s   Dave Alexander
Spoiler: Nobody Makes It Out of This Alive   Heather Adler
The Girl with the Mermaid Tattoo   Sarah Chan


Explorations of work life, health, and ambition. Where am I going? What path did my life take, and where can it go from here?

2021 Midlife Census: Paths
Get Rich or Die Trying   David Zeibin
Midlife Musings on the Ivory Tower   Kate Rossiter
Now What   Dan Lazin
Don’t Scare the Children   Don Iveson
Heart Attack   Daniel Kaszor
Gwynfinite Jest   Geoff Moysa — Read an excerpt
A Letter to My Unconceived Offspring

Special Surprise

Discover the secret section in the middle of the Midlife book


Revelations from unexpected (and “expected”) life experiences. What did I believe when I was younger? What do I know now?

2021 Midlife Census: Illusion
Taking on Midlife One Receipt at a Time  Iris Tse
Cocoa and Coconut   Iva Cheung Read an excerpt
In Defense of Baby Gates on Clouds   Amanda Ash
Illusions   Jhenifer Pabillano
The Undiscovered Country   Kati Kovacs
Reclaiming Memories   Cosanna Preston-Idedia
Reflections on Photography   Matt Frehner


Reflections on the movement of time in our lives. What are we bearing witness to? How are we changed?

2021 Midlife Census: Time
Sects, Lives, and Videotape   Adam Houston
I Hate Dyeing My Hair   Leah Collins
A Three-Year-Old in a Cemetery   Leanne Brown
For Henry, Forever Ago   Chris Boutet
Textures of a Life Ending   Adam Rozenhart
Second Life   Neal Ozano

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